Top Five Animal Guardians You May Not Know (#4 Impressed Me)

2- Kinessa Johnson

American Ex-Marine and Animal Guardian


This American ex-marine turned animal guardian is a favourite among many animal lovers. Kinessa Johnson is a member of Veterans Empowered to Protect African Wildlife (VEPAW), a group of post 9-11 veterans vowed to protect endangered wildlife and confront poachers conducting illegal poaching. Poaching endangered animals is punishable by death in certain countries. While VEPAW discourages the use of lethal force against poachers,  it is sometimes inevitable as poachers would often resort to killing the park ranger to eliminate any eye witnesses. As of to date, Kinessa has 27 poachers to date on her “trophy list”.

With the killing of Cecil the Lion, Kinessa has made a vow to “avenge Cecil the Lion”

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